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Buy commercial building in Miraflores

América Central - Caraibi - República Dominicana
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Tipologia hotel / resort / residence
Superfície 2755
Contrato Venda
Preço US$2,000,000.00 Buy commercial building in Miraflores - hotel / resort / residence à Venda em República Dominicana agência imobiliária Santo Domingo em Santo Domingo

Buy commercial building in Miraflores:

Superficial 644.50 meters
six levels and a basement.

2,755 square meters of construction
carried out by way of porticado of beams and
columns, gypsum fiber divisions (sheet-
rock) consists of the following environments and

A basement parking units, plus 3
parking spaces at street level to sky open.

A first level spaces for balcony, lobby, reception, administrative offices, areas
for restaurant, bar, kitchen and bathrooms.

From 2 to 5 level are the areas of rooms, each with its own
These rooms are classified as follows: 12 convertible suites in 24 rooms plus 20 double and 8 single, for a total of 52 hotel rooms, all habitable.

6th level is intended and has space
for holding events, with areas of bathrooms and bar. At this level you can enable 18 additional rooms for a grand total of 70 hotel rooms available for sale.

The building has an elevator, power plant and other equipment in good condition.

Venda - Buy commercial building in Miraflores