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Venda a descoberto False
Tipo de actividade Apartments, Hotel/Motel
Superfície Square Feet
8918 Collins Ave, Surfside FL 33154
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Business for sale 8918 Collins Ave, Surfside FL 33154

6.990.000,00 $


Listing consist on one multi-families on Collins Av. with a total of 8 units and a single family home on Harding Av. Folio Numbers: #14-2235-005-0240 and #14-2253-005-0190 Zoning Information on lot over Collins Av.  - one lot with a total of 6150 sf. - H40 (40 ft) Hotel or Residential. - 108 Hotel units per acre. - 79 Dwelling units pero acre. - Limited to three stories high. Zoning Information on lot over Harding Av. - one lots with a total of 5750 sf. - H30 (30ft) Residential.  - 79 dwelling units per acre. - Limited to two stories high.

New developement:
Tipo de actividade:
Apartments, Hotel/Motel
Venda a descoberto:
Valor do imposto:
24069 $