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45 Second Avenue # E. Greenwich Village, NY 10003 - New York
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Multifamily / Buildings for sale 45 Second Avenue #, E. Greenwich Village - New York



45-47 Second Avenue: Built Date: 1867 (East Village Historic Report 2012)“Architect/Builder: John O'Neil Original Owner: Michael McGovern Type: Tenement Style: Italianate; Stories: 4 Large rear gardenThe subject property is a “horizontal”, multi-family and commercial property located in the Lower Eastside Landmark District. This property is subject to NYC Rent Stabilization and Landmark restrictions. There are currently two commercial spaces (one vacant) and one with a lease until December 2022 with tenant who is open to a buyout, and six floor-through apartments (the two owner units are vacant, one apartment is free market, two apartments are rent stabilized without leases and one apartment is rent stabi-lized with lease). Estate Sale Opportunity.

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