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1330 Manor Avenue # Soundview, BX 10472 - Bronx
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Multifamily / Buildings for sale 1330 Manor Avenue #, Soundview - Bronx



Located just 3 blocks to the Morrison 6 train, 1330 Manor Avenue is a diamond in the rough waiting to be transformed. This 3600 sq. foot semi-detached building currently has 4 separate apartments that consists of 2-1 bedroom units, a single 2 bedroom unit and a single 3 bedroom unit. There's approximately 2,384 sq. ft of unused build-able square footage. The building is 22.5X80 and sits on 22.58 X 100 lot. The basement is the full length of the building and has 7ft. ceilings. The possibilities are endless. Customize this home for your specific needs into a massive 1 family dwelling or expand the footprint, renovate and increase your cap rate.There are several planned projects in the works for this up and coming neighborhood! Don't miss your chance to be apart of the South Bronx Boom.

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