Saint Martin

Tropical paradise, the realm of water sports and diving, but not only. Located in the north of the Antilles, Saint Martin has the distinction of being divisain two (with no border), part French and part Dutch. With an intertropical climate and an average annual temperature of 25-29 degrees, especially with 35 white sand beaches, the island is inhabited by about 85,000 inhabitants living (37,000 and 48,000 French side Dutch side) for 53 Km2. The Dutch side is commercially very active and very 'American' in everyday life with the peculiarity of an Italian field them very important work and the 'Business'. The French side a bit 'larger, more traditional is still protected by a wild beauty and the time it slows down to allow a new rhythm of life. Equipped with exceptional hotels, Saint Martin, Friendly Island, the Isle of friends, is also the capital of gastronomy with such Italian tradition.

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